Royal Web Bar - with tobacco and bay leaf fragrance


Get lost in the tangled web of hand washing with this wonderfully crafted, beautifully colored bar soap! Scented with tobacco and bay leaf fragrance oil.

This was a super fun technique to make soap with! And yes, the colors and design runs throughout the soap, so its fun to use the whole bar! After mixing all the oils and lye water, I separated into four different containers. Each container had its own colorant: titanium dioxide, activated charcoal, ultramarine violet oxide, and indigo. I then poured each into the mold, but each pour was done over a column I placed in the mold. This created an layered effect that turned out just awesome!

Made with: water, olive oil, coconut oil, rspo palm oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, sweet almond oil, tobacco and bay leaf fragrance oil, indigo, ultramarine violet, titanium dioxide, activated charcoal

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I really enjoyed this bar is soap. I definitely plan to buy more.

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